Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a student. What happens if the University cancels on-campus classes for Fall 2020?

We are offering a worry-free leasing program to St. Cloud State University students who sign a lease at College Living for the 2020–2021 school year. If the school cancels all in-person classes for the Fall semester, students can receive a reduced monthly rent rate of $199 through December 2020.

How do I apply for a unit?

You can select a unit from our floor plans page on our website and click through to apply.

Is there an application fee?

Yes, there is non-refundable $40 fee for each application submitted. This includes guarantors. Guarantors are required for all applicants. 

Do you charge a security deposit?

Yes, there is a security deposit of $250 when your application is approved.

I plan to live with roommates. Can we send in one application?

No, each applicant for the unit must apply separately.

How do my future roommates and I apply for the same unit? Isn’t the apartment number the same?

Once you select a floorplan on our website you will see the available apartment numbers displayed at the bottom of the page. For example: Unit 216 will be listed 4 times as 216A, 216B, 216C, and 216D. Each of you will apply for one of those units. To simplify that, we rent the bedrooms and you and your roommates make sure you apply for bedrooms in the same unit. 

Where can I access my application after I’ve created an applicant login?

You can log in to the applicant portal here to finish your application, sign your lease, and pay your application and move-in charges.

When will I be charged for the security deposit?

Once the application is approved, the security deposit will automatically be withdrawn from the bank account provided. You will receive a payment receipt email upon completion. If the security deposit fails to automatically withdraw or your account does have enough funds to pay the deposit, you are required to pay the deposit amount to the office within 24 hours. The security deposit is non-refundable should the applicant forfeit the rental, cancel the application, or break the lease early. The earnest period is defined as the time in which the application is submitted, and the lease agreement is signed. Once the obligations of the lease agreement have been fulfilled, the security deposit will be refundable minus cleaning, damages, or other outstanding charges the tenant acquired at the time of vacating the unit.

Do you accept anyone who meets the College Living St. Cloud screening criteria?

Yes, we do. You do not have to be a student to rent a room, but you must pass the criminal background check, meet the minimum income requirement, and have good housing and credit history.

What are criminal background issues that may result in a denied application?

Landlord considers the nature, severity, and recency of applicants’ convictions in considering whether to rely on an applicant’s criminal background to deny his/her application. Landlord does not reject applications based on arrests or dismissed criminal charges. Landlord may deny applicants who are the subjects of open charges until those charges are dismissed. Unless the applicant has been charged as an adult or is the subject to “extended jurisdiction juvenile” prosecution or some similar status such that the adjudication is a public record, juvenile adjudications are not considered convictions and are not a basis to reject an application. Landlord will not reject an application based on the existence of an expungement/expunged conviction.  If an expunged conviction appears on a record, the expunged conviction will not form the basis to dent the application if the applicant provides the court order or executive-agency direction or decision resulting in the expungement.

What are the minimum income requirements?

An applicant’s household income must be equal to or greater than 2.5 times the rent amount for the unit/bedroom. In the event a co-signer or guarantor is required, the income from such co-signer or guarantor must equal or be greater than 5 times the rent amount for the Unit/Bedroom. Each applicant must provide proof of income. Acceptable documents for proof of verification include the 2-4 most recent and consecutive pay stubs, original offer letter, and a certified letter from the bank. If using a certified letter from the bank or bank statements, the balance of the provided account must be equivalent to nine months’ rent. If attending school, loan documentation papers are accepted. Applicant may obtain a qualified guarantor if the income is not met. 

All proof of income must be submitted to the Leasing/Management Office within 72 hours of the application. All proof of income can be email to [email protected] or dropped off in the office.

What constitutes good housing history?

Good references mean a history of prompt payment, proper notice given, satisfactory housekeeping standards, whether a former landlord would rent or lend to applicant again, no lease violations and no other problems at a former home. Any applicant with an eviction or unlawful detainer action will not be accepted.

Do you run a credit check?

A complete credit history from a credit bureau is required. Verified credit history and income levels will determine rental eligibility and security deposit level. Application may be denied where any applicant has a poor history of paying debts in a timely manner. Outstanding debt to a utility or property management company or former or current landlord will result in a denial. Any applicant who has filed bankruptcy within 24 months of application will not be accepted.

Exceptions may be considered for: (1) applicants who do not have a housing history because they are first time renters or because a former landlord does not respond to requests for references; or (2) applicants who may not meet all minimum – income and credit – history requirements. An exception will usually require the applicant to supplement the application with additional documentation and/or to provide greater financial security acceptable to Landlord in its discretion, including but not limited to provision of an increased security deposit; pre-payment of rent, or a co-signer/guarantor.

I’ve been approved for the apartment and received an email that the lease is ready for me to sign. How long do I have to sign the lease agreement?

Once the application has been approved, applicant/future resident, co-signer and/or guarantor, must sign the lease agreement within 48 hours of it being uploaded to their secured online portal. If the lease agreement is not signed in the timely manner, the application can be cancelled, and the deposit forfeited.

How close are the apartments to the St. Cloud State University Campus?

All of our buildings are within walking distance to campus. Approximately a 5-15 minute walk depending on where you are going on campus.

How close are the apartments to downtown St. Cloud?

Less than one mile.

Can I smoke on the property?

College Living St. Cloud is a no-smoking facility. Smoking is permitted outside and 20 feet from the building.

Is the property safe?

All buildings have secured entries and we have hired security that patrols each building multiple days per week.

Is there parking available on the property?

Yes, parking is available on the property. Parking permits are provided to residents, and violators will be towed.

What options do I have for parking on the property?

Parking options will vary based on what is available. We offer outdoor parking for $25/month, tuck-under parking for $35/month, and indoor garage parking for $40/month.

Is there street parking available?

Yes, there is street parking, but it can get crowded as we are so close to campus.

If I have guest over where should they park?

Guests should park on the adjacent streets by the property, but follow the city street signs as a guide for parking.

My car was towed because I parked where I wasn’t supposed to. What do I do?

Please contact C.B.T.O.S.C., Inc. Private Property Towing Professionals at (320) 428-5340. They are located at 540 Apollo Avenue NE, St. Cloud 56304. There will be a fee of $188.34 to remove your car from their tow lot within 24 hours. *Please note these fees are set by the towing company and their fees and policies are subject to change.

What constitutes an Emergency Maintenance Request and how do I contact them in the case of an emergency?

Emergencies are fire, flood, or no heat to your unit. Emergency Maintenance After Hours Number: (651) 602-2247 

I’m locked out of my apartment and the leasing office is closed. What do I do?

We do not complete after hours lock-outs. Residents need to call our security company, GSSC, at (320) 252-3794 to be let into their unit. There will be a fee of $75 if GSSC has to come to the property.

Do you have furnished units?

We do not have any furnished units.

Do you offer short-term leases?

We do not offer short-term leases but we do offer two lease end dates — May and July each year. That said, if you are starting school during second semester, we are able to accommodate your move-in depending on availability.

Are there resident events I can participate in?

Yes — we host quarterly resident events such as breakfast-on-the-go, cookie decorating, etc. We are always taking suggestions so please send your ideas to [email protected].

I’m moving from out of town and don’t know anyone. Will you match me with a roommate?

We do individual bedroom placements – We do not roommate match. You are able to rent a private bedroom within a 3–4 bedroom apartment.

What utilities am I responsible for?

We cover ALL utilities including heat, water/sewer, trash, WiFi, cable. Residents are ONLY responsible for electricity, which is based on usage.

How do I pay my electric bill?

All utilities are run through Xcel Energy. All co-household members pay one member who has the account set up.

I’m interested in moving to the property and would like to tour the apartment and property? How do I schedule a tour?

First, visit our website and view the floor plans available. After that, contact us and let us know which floor plan you would like to see and we will work to find a date and time that will work best for you to stop by. If you are planning on living with roommates, coordinate a tour time that will work best for all of you. You can schedule a tour 3 different ways:

  1. By calling the leasing office at (320) 251-9233
  2. Emailing us at [email protected]
  3. Visit our Schedule a Tour page on our website and submit a request with a time that works for you.
If you currently live out of town we can also accommodate FaceTime and Facebook Messenger tours as well.

What are some of the community amenities?

We offer free cable, free WiFi, free tanning, and a fitness center. For a full list of community amenities, please visit the Amenities section of our website.

Do you allow pets?

Cats and dogs are allowed. There is a maximum of 2 dogs per apartment. We do not allow caged animals.

  • Fees for Dogs: $150 pet fee, $150 pet deposit, $40/month pet rent
  • Fees for Cats: $150 pet fee, $150 pet deposit, $20/month pet rent